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Port of Trieste, the Authority is awarded two more European projects

TRIESTE - The port of Trieste has been awarded two new European projects co-financed by the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) program.

The first, called RTALF - Port of Trieste: Railway Terminal And LNG Facility, deals with studies and designs in the area of ​​the Logistics Platform: total budget of about 6 million euros, of which 326,500 euros for the Trieste Authority. Key activities include useful documentation for the environmental impact assessment of the new railway terminal serving the Logistics Platform, the preliminary design of an LNG storage depot in the port, as well as the definition of the architecture of an electronic data exchange system between the new railway terminal and the Port Community System of the Port Network Authority.
The second project, called EALING - European flagship Action for coLd ironING in ports, has a green target and is focused on the electrification of the docks. With a two-year duration and a total budget of about 7.3 million euros, of which 800,000 for the port of Trieste, the project is 50% co-financed by European funds and sees a broad partnership consisting of 16 ports in 7 European countries. In this case, the priority will be to reduce engine emissions in the port. The harbour will deal with the cold ironing design for Molo V, the Logistic Platform and the docks of the port of Monfalcone. This technology will allow to power ships with electricity from the shore while stationary on the pier. Thanks to EALING, the last pieces for the design of cold ironing can, therefore, be completed in all the terminals, after having carried out similar studies for Molo VI with the TalkNET project and for Molo Bersaglieri and Molo VII thanks to the funds of the European projects METRO and SUSPORT.