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Port of Monfalcone, the Ministry of Environment gives new green light to dredging

TRIESTE - The Ministry of Environment gave its favorable opinion on the excavation work on the seabed of the Port of Monfalcone, in order to reach the depth of 12.5 meters.

The executive project will be validated by January. As recalled by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, it consists of a project that will involve about 900,000 cubic meters of material to be placed in a specifically built tank, allowing the sediment to be disposed in compliance with the regulations on environmental protection. The project was subjected to national environmental impact assessment procedures (Decree Via 167 of August 6th, 2015) which led to its approval with some provisions. For this reason, a substantial project review and a new examination by the Ministry of the Environment was necessary. The value of the intervention is about 16 million euro and the operations will last about two years: the first year will be dedicated to the preparation of the tank, while in the second the dredging will be carried out.
In the meantime, important interventions of extraordinary maintenance of the railway link to the Port of Monfalcone are proceeding. These works will be completed by May 2019 and will enable the transport of slabs (large metal semi-finished products) from the port to rail companies, reducing road traffic and increasing road safety.