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Intermodal transport and care for the environment: project led by the Port of Trieste

TRIESTE - Reduction of the environmental impact (emissions of polluting gases, CO2 and noise) on the Alpine Arc along the Brenner and Tarvisio axis: with this goal the Port System authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea (Port of Trieste) has activated SMARTLOGI -"Sustainable and clever cross-border logistics", a new project on technological innovation supporting intermodal transport.

The project, which will run for 24 months and have a budget of approximately EUR 1.3 million, is jointly financed by the cross-border Cooperation Program Italy-Austria, and is developed in collaboration with Fürnitz dry port, The University of Klagenfurt, the EGTC " Euroregion without frontiers ", the Veneto Region, the IUAV University of Venice and EURAC (
The port of Trieste and the Austrian terminal of Fürnitz (Villach) will adopt a technological solution for the exchange of data in real time, in order to make the rail freight transport more and more convenient and efficient. In addition to this, a strategy which can be applied also to other cross-border territories will be developed.