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FREEeste, a new logistics Free zone, is now operative

TRIESTE - Since yesterday, a new inland logistics area has been activated in Bagnoli della Rosandra – close to the Port of Trieste. Owned by Interporto of Trieste, it now enjoys the benefits of a Free zone.

In recent days, an agreement was signed among the Port Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, the Prefecture of Trieste, the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, the Municipalities of Trieste and San Dorligo della Valle and COSELAG (Local Economic Development Consortium of the Giulian Area). FREEeste, this is the name of such initiative, takes shape in the facilities purchased by the Interporto of Trieste from Wärtsilä Italia in December 2017, with a total investment of about 21 million euro. It consists of an area of ​​240,000 square meters, 74,000 of which are covered, and it includes a railway connection with the station of Aquilinia. The acquisition originated from lack of space in Fernetti to host logistics activities. The Interporto has already been operating in the new warehouses since June 2018 by acquiring further traffic (coils and lumber), and by starting handling and deposit operations, in order to support local industries such as Wärtsilä Italia and Mangiarotti. To date, even before the introduction of the new fiscally-advantageous zone, 37,000 tons of goods have already been moved. Part of the covered areas will also be equipped as a refrigerated warehouse with an initial availability of 2,000 pallet locations, for the export of regional products and for the import of perishable products to be distributed all over Europe.

The next step will be making the railway part operational. The district is already equipped with an internal railway connection, which will be refurbished and connected to the Aquilinia station by a 2-km link road belonging to COSELAG. The reactivation work of the Aquilinia station, instead, will be carried out by RFI (Italian Railway Network), with an investment of ca.17 million euro. At the end of the railway works, planned for the beginning for 2020, Aquilinia will become a reference point for the entire industrial port, by linking FREEeste, the Logistics Platform and the Ex-Aquila Area.