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CPM, in Monfalcone record-breaking cargo: 252 tons

MONFALCONE - In recent days, another record-breaking project-cargo was handled by CPM (Monfalcone) with destination UAE. It consisted of a series of tubular structures intended for an oil pipeline and built by Cimolai – as many as 252 tons loaded onto the Jumbo Kinetic.

The operations at the dock lasted about 9 hours. Then the boat put out to sea towards the Greek port of Piraeus, from which it faced the final part of its journey. Waiting for the imminent integration with the Port of Trieste, the port of Monfalcone proves to be once again strategic for this kind of traffics. Thanks to its fleet of mechanical vehicles, Compagnia Portuale (CPM) is now able to best meet the needs related to each type of traffic. Moreover, CPM has at its disposal both vehicles and specialized personnel for railway handling, with a total amount of 8 tracks serving the port of call. Finally, 500 meters from the entrance of the port of Portorosega, the company manages an intermodal terminal of 40,000 square meters, with 10 railroad tracks.