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Agreement signed between the Ports of Trieste and Baku

TRIESTE - A memorandum of understanding was signed in recent days in Rome, between the Port Network Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea and the Baku International Sea Trade Port.

The signing took place during the Italy-Azerbaijan Business Forum and it formalizes a recently-started cooperation between the Port of the Azerbaijani capital - the largest in the country, with new investments in the Alat area - and that of Trieste. Both harbours are in a strategic hinge position, respectively in the Central Asian and European region. Such rapidly-growing area is part of the system of the new global routes South of Russia, which connect the Far East to Western Europe.
Among the goals of the signature, is developing not only the synergies in the field of traffic and integrated maritime and railway logistics services, but also the transfer of knowledge and good practices, in areas such as the management of free trade zones, ICT, staff training and the development of innovative port policies aimed at environmental sustainability and security. «The protocol we signed with Trieste - said Taleh Ziyadov, Director of the port of Baku - opens up new opportunities for both ports that will act as crucial hubs in the central corridor connecting China and Europe through Azerbaijan».