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Shipping and Transport news from Northern Adriatic Sea

TRIESTE - In 2019 Trieste is confirmed as the first port of Italy with 62 million tons handled, adding to which are the 4 million of the port of Monfalcone.

MONFALCONE - Green light to the Port of Monfalcone for the new industrial plan estimating an increase in traffic, not only in the traditional sectors of steel and forest products, but also by means of a resolute diversification of logistics and merchandise.

TRIESTE - TUM International, a development company of Munich Technical University, the famous top-ranking polytechnic for technical disciplines in Germany, has chosen the Port of Trieste as its strategic partner.

TRIESTE – Trieste Marine Terminal hits another record in 2019: 3,634 trains handled, scoring +17% in respect of trains performed from and to Molo VII of the Port of Trieste in 2018. Equally remarkable is the 19,7% increase of teus moved by rail in 2019 compared to year 2018.

TRIESTE - During 2019, 688,647 Teus were handled by TMT at Molo VII of the Port of Trieste.